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Handcrafted with Love

What is Signetura?

Signetura is a combination of two words. SIGNET- a seal used officially to give personal authority to a document in lieu of signature & SIGNATURA or signature.

I want everyone who purchases one of my pieces to feel like it can be made to fit their signetura style. Everyone has their own take on what style is and that's what makes accessorising beautiful! You can take a simple outfit and make it pop with a pair of earrings or match the earrings to an outfit filled with color.

It's just about choosing how you want to have your cherry-on-top moment. 

I love my Signetura earrings - all of them! They’re very light and it doesn’t hurt your ears even if you’ve been wearing them all day long. I love how each and every single piece is unique and handmade with love. Hannah can also customize earrings for you, all you have to do is ask.

Angel Magbanua

I can really imagine your happiness while packing for those orders. It really radiates in the pieces you made, the packaging, handwriting on the little envelopes to the LBC plastic, the way the envelopes are folded and placed so carefully to each other. Even the way the bubble wrap is fold. So neat!

Full of Love.

Mabelle Go

Signetura is one of my best discoveries in instagram. Hannah's creations are so unique and  personalized with love and passion. You won't be able to find her designs elsewhere. Her earrings are just beautiful! It brings a certain joy to me whenever I wear them (which I do all the time!). I can't get enough and still always want to buy more.

Trina Espartero